The New Year has arrived, and perhaps along with it a list of resolutions, visions, tweaks or improvements. For some, health and fitness objectives will top the list, while others may have financial or professional goals they want to reach. Maybe you want to watch less TV and read more, eat at home instead of going out, finally clean out that closet or garage. Paris might be on your list, or visiting those last National parks. This could be the year you put yourself out there and volunteer for a worthy cause. Maybe you simply want to try something you’ve always wanted to do but have yet to get around to.

I was thinking I didn’t really have resolutions this year – last year had its share of big changes for me and this year I just want to settle in and continue the things I’ve started. But, as a person who loves learning and knows there is so much in the world to discover, understand, see and do….I find my list of “what ifs” growing daily.

I’m thankful for the clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with in this last year, and all of the amazing individuals I’ve met and have had the chance to write about. If you’re still contemplating your New Year’s resolutions, here are two stories of women who changed their lives, one step at a time. Two very different stories, two very different lives, but both Chris and Moll turned difficult circumstances around and have learned how important it is to celebrate life every day.

Click the photos to read the stories, and I hope you will find inspiration or at least food for thought in the experiences of these two strong women (who are both, by the way, in their fifties!)  Happy New Year!