Last week I went to my first Bikram yoga classes, based on the kick-ass Living Social deal I got on 10 classes, and the wholehearted endorsement from syndicated radio host, JohnJay Van Es.  It is truly an experience – 105 degrees and 40% humidity in the yoga room – I have never sweat so much in my life. Ever, ever, ever.  Once I got past feeling like I might pass out, I really did feel cleansed and relaxed.
I was lucky enough to spend the weekend after my yoga classes relaxing at the Grand Canyon, but I somehow found myself thinking of the breathing exercise that kicked off each class and wishing I could stop and push my chin back with my interlocked hands, leaning my head back with a verbal exhale of “aaaahhhh”.  Back bends and pretzel-like stretches, softened by heat and humidity.  I think it’s really good stuff.
JohnJay lost over 100 lbs and credits much of his transformation to Bikram yoga. Click on the picture to read the story.